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Behind the Menu

Hamburgers: The patty is the foundation of a great hamburger. So we spent a lot of time deciding what to serve. For all our hamburgers, we use all natural angus beef - vegetarian fed, hormone and antibiotic-free.

Chicken Burgers: The chicken burgers are made from boneless, skinless breasts of all natural chicken ground in our kitchen, lightly seasoned, prepared & delivered fresh to our burger stands every morning.

Veggie Burgers: The veggie burger is our very own. With the help of Chef Andrew Brooks of Spirited Food we serve a fresh veggie burger made with brown rice, crimini mushrooms, black beans, oats, onions, cheese and fresh parsley. We think it is the best in town.

French Fries: Our fries start out as potatoes instead of coming out of a freezer. All natural fresh Idaho Burbank potatoes, hand scrubbed and cut in our kitchen and then cooked in 100% canola oil. We chose an oil that has no trans-fat or hydrogenated oils. It also doesn't change the taste of the potato.

Produce: We begin with the tomato – delivered daily directly to our stores from locally grown fields. Our other produce: lettuce, onions, etc is delivered fresh every morning.

Buns: Mrs. Baird's has created a bun just for us and delivers it fresh every four days.

This and That: If you couldn't tell already, we're a bit detail oriented. P. Terry's uses Land 'O Lakes Cheeses. We think Heinz has the best ketchup, so we use Heinz. We also use Hellmann's Mayonnaise, French's Mustard, real milk for our shakes and fresh lemons for our lemonade.

Basically, we've never sacrificed taste for cost. Yes, it's more expensive for us to do it this way, but we think it tastes better. And it's better for you.